Monday, February 14, 2011

If I were to star in a roller disco movie, it would be titled "XANA-Don't"

"Beach scene #1" 8"x 10" oil This is a small and quick painting that I did last year. It was based on a photo that I took whilst visiting ROCKY NECK STATE PARK. We visited the park 2 years ago and I just got around to working on paintings of scenes from that trip last year. I have more beach scenes from that trip in the works right now, stay tuned. The day we had taken this trip my family had also received an invitation to a rollerskating party with some friends of ours. We decided on taking the trip to the state park for a number of reasons. Among them, our daughter was still too young at the time to do any roller skating. Also, I couldn't find as much inspiration for painting in a dark skating rink. Third; I couldn't roller skate to save my life. I know that I would really enjoy rollerskating if I could actually do it. But this is how things would probably have played out had we gone rollerskating. The very moment that I get out on to the rink, I would fall and crack my head open. When the E.M.T.'s would arrive moments later to examine the extent of my injuries they would be baffled as they discover the substance coming from the hole in my head is actually egg yolk. "How is this even possible" they wonder to themselves. The write up in the Register a few days later would read: "Local starving artist loved by many proved to be a real egghead..............literally." And so to avoid all of that needless publicity we decided that the beach would be safer and more inspiring. Stay tuned for a few more beach paintings.