Monday, April 30, 2012

I promise to make a promise sometime next week....maybe.

                                                           "Sisters"   Oil on canvas  
Greetings all. I apologize for my absence these past several weeks. The last time we spoke I was preparing for a big art reception for the solo exhibition of my work at Cafe George in New Haven. The reception went very well. Despite the fact that it snowed that day, a few people did show up for the event. ( I won't count the two or three that came and knew nothing about the show and could care less about the art and were only there to mooch off of the free food) I'm very grateful to those who were able to make it and I am also grateful to those who very much wanted to come but just were not able to due to the weather and other circumstances. Have no fear dear readers there will be another show this summer. ( I'll have more information on that later ) I would also like to give a very special thank you to Paula and everyone at Cafe George the food was wonderful. And now as mentioned in the post title I will now a solemn ( yet somewhat ambiguous promise ) "I Chris Ferguson, promise to make a promise sometime next week to blog alot more oftener!!!!!!!!"  Yes, I am aware of the horrific grammatical errors in that statement but that just shows how determined I am to make that promise next week ( or possibly next month )   See next time.