Sunday, December 11, 2011

It seemed to work for public radio....

GUILFORD GREEN (plien air) 8" x 10" Oil

Hello again everybody. This painting can be viewed at Cafe George in New Haven on 300 George St. And I also have a bit of good news. The show was originally scheduled to come down at the end of this month but it has been extended to the end of January. This means that the reception date will be moved to early next month. This actually works out better because it will give me more time to promote the exhibit. I'll be sending out notice about the new date and time shortly. In the meantime don't forget to spread the word.

And now on to other matters. All of us here at FERGUSON ART STUDIOS have been discussing ways to boost sales of my original oil paintings. And so, we've decided to do our first ( and possibly last) annual fund drive to get buyers for the paintings that are available.

We know the economy is bad but we're asking that you give something anything for the painting posted above. Whether it be a dollar a week or two dollars a week, to ensure that we ( me ) here at FERGUSON ART STUDIOS can keep providing for you, day after day, week after week, the art blogs and paintings that you depend on to get you through your day.

Rufus Jenkins of RUFUS JENKINS FRAMING, FINE ART, ANTIQUE APPRAISAL AND BBQ RIBS ( who coincidentally looks a lot like Eddie Murphy doing his famous Buckwheat routine on SNL back in the 1980's) has offered to match dollar for dollar ( up to 25 cents) your contribution to FERGUSON ART STUDIOS.

Now, we tried to NPR legends like Garrison Keillor, Terry Gross or The Car Guys to help with our fund drive but none of them returned our calls. So we found someone more famous than any of them. And now, here she is, from her office Mousie..

"Hello everyone, I'm Mousie CEO of FERGUSON ART STUDIOS"

"I know the economy is bad and things are tight for everyone, and well................."

"I really hate to sound like all of us here at FERGUSON ART STUDIOS are desperate but, if you don't come down to buy a painting.........................."

"I'm going to jump out of your computer screen and bite you!!!"

"Thanks again for supporting FERGUSON ART STUDIOS and now back to our host, Chris.."

Thank you Mousie and again if you would like to buy the painting posted at the top of the page just email us at We're coming down to the wire. If we don't make any sales to get the funds that we need by 1:00 pm this afternoon the Electric Co. said that they would come down to the art studio and shut off our po--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------