Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You want me to paint what?!

A Walk In the Park
18 X 24

Welcome to my first blog entry. In these blogs you will see paintings that are positive and colorful. There are some in the art world who create images that are designed to shock or stir up controversy but I prefer to follow the Bob Ross line of thought "happy trees and puffy little clouds." Be assured dear viewers that I will never create images that are shocking, dark, disturbing, scary, controversial or nightmarish. Having said that; I do plan on working on a self portrait in the future and I'm sure the very idea of this many would find disturbing, scary and nightmarish but I digress. If you like to order a print of this image or purchase the original painting contact me @ FERGUSONARTIST@YAHOO.COM My website be will up soon so stay tuned for my next posting.

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