Monday, September 21, 2009

"Hey Chris, what are you up to?"

"Summer garden" 8"x10"

"Oh.....about 5' 6". Why? How tall did you think I was?" That's my usual response whenever someone asks me that question. Today my response will be different because I've been up to a lot lately. Where do I begin? First, I can say that I've had to temporarily sacrifice the time I would have spent at my easel and devote it to working on my website. I'm happy to finally announce after weeks of sweat, tears and a few cups of coffee ( who am I kidding, I had Dunkin Donuts Coffee fed to me intravenously) my website is offically up and running. My new web address is This will feature my entire body of work. I still have alot of things to work on for the site so it is not completely finished but it can now be viewed. I also promised to regularly feature a small daily painting that can be purchased from my blog and sent directly to the buyer through my ebay page link. The above painting is now available to buy. It's in a bit of a different style from my larger works but it will help me to broaden my painting subject matter. I hope it will be the first of many more to come. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my easel. See you in my next entry. click here to bid or purchase

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