Monday, April 12, 2010

"That's great news Chris! But say it, don't spray it."

As my family and many of my close friends will attest, I have the tendency to unintentionally shower the people whenever I talk to them about something that I'm very enthusiastic or excited about. So, for example, were I to talk to you at legnth about the music of James Brown, Alicia Keys, Queen or School House Rock, you would know to come prepared with an unbrella. So, having said that, you should probably pull away from your computer monitor while your reading this. I have some very exciting news. I am now officially represented by the ELM CITY ARTIST'S gallery. The gallery is located at 284 York St. New Haven CT. Now if you are not sure exactly where that is, I'll give you directions. In the vast expanse of the known universe there are clusters of galaxies. Amongst one of the millions of those galaxy clusters, you will find our own Milky Way Galaxy. On the outer fringe of that Milky Way Galaxy you will find a solar system with about 9 planets. Head to the 3rd planet from the Sun and there will find our planet Earth. Head toward the northern hemisphere of the planet and you will come to the North American continent. In the North American continent you will find the United States. Head towards the northeastern side of the United States and you will find the state of Connecticut. Head down to shoreline in the middle of the state and you will have arrived New Haven. York Street is in downtown New Haven. When you walk down York St. you'll see Au Bon Pain Cafe, The Public Cup coffee shop and the famous flower lady ( that's a person not a store and take a minute to talk to her; she's very nice) The gallery is right next to Ashley's Ice Cream. Further details on this breaking news is soon to come.

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