Monday, May 3, 2010

It's the SOOOOOUUUUUUUUULL Mass Transit System!!

"Cedar Street" Oil 10"x 8"
Yes, I am aware that the title should read "IT'S THE SOUL TRAIN" but due to an e-mail I received from attorneys Philip Bailey and Verdine White at the law offices of Earth, Wind and Fire, LLC. I was reminded that I could say "It's the Soul Train" in my blog entry but I could not use it in the entry title. (Kidding) This is one of my latest paintings available at the Elm City Artist's Gallery. This is a scene that I'm very familiar with because it's along my bus route. I drive a shuttle bus in the mornings and then I do my painting in the afternoons. (not a full time artist just yet) In this painting I enjoyed capturing the contrast between warm light and cool shadow. Also I've been working smaller lately in order to increase my output of paintings as well as making it easier for buyers to invest in the originals. "What does the program Soul Train have to do with this painting?" your probably wondering. Well, just because I've been thinking about the program lately. When I was a little I used to watch it. Now; I know what many of you are probably thinking, "What! You used to watch Soul Train?!...You who got upset when you lost your Ultimate Manilow CD? You who resents the fact that people are always saying that The Carpenters were from Downey, CA. when they should actually be saying that they were from New Haven, CT.? Yes, I watched it, although I was very young. I wasn't even old enough to really appreciate the music and the dancing at the time, but I remember looking forward to seeing the animated title sequence at the beginning of each episode and hearing that voice say "It's the Sooouuuul Train!!" I also remember wishing that they would show more of the animated train in each episode. Or, better yet, the producers of the show developing a spin-off show all about the cartoon train; but, alas, this dream never came to fruition. Until my next entry, this is Chris Ferguson wishing you all love, peace and soouull!

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