Monday, October 4, 2010

If three is company, more is an open studio event

"Three friends" oil on canvas 16" x 20"

(singing) "Come and knock on our door-come and knock on our door" "Take a step that is new-take a step that is new" "We've a wonderful space that needs your face and some paintings to view. Dee Dah Dee Dah Dah." Pardon me, but this is the first time I've actually sung in one of my blog entries. Aren't you glad you can't hear me through your computer. I figured the theme to Three's Company would be a fitting start for this blog entry because for the first time I'll be inviting people to my studio to see what happens behind the scenes. Also because I think the theme song to Three's Company was one of the best T.V. theme songs ever; but I digress. What I intend to do is set a day to invite a small group of people and from there I'll post my email address so that others who are interested can contact me to set up a time to come to see the studio. So, what can you expect to see at my very first open studio event. New paintings, paintings that are still in progress, and maybe a brief painting demonstration. Also there will be some light refreshments. This will be the usual open studio type of snacks like cheese and crackers and there will even be some expensive and fancy wines the names of which I can't pronounce. Actually, it won't be expensive wine; it will be one of those $7.00 bottles of wine that they now sell at Seven-Eleven...................Actually, it will be more like a very high end grape juice.............................Actually, it will just be regular grape juice. But, it will be one of the finest bottles of Welch's Grape Juice that money can buy.................................................O.K., it's only going those small children's juice boxes with pictures of Big Bird, Elmo and the Cookie Monster printed in on them. (artist's budget) Now you might be wondering who you'll see their. You'll see me. (sorry, but that will be unavoidable) You'll also get to meet my family.......I think. You'll also get to meet Meer The Pig, my 4 year old daughter's imaginary friend. (someone please tell me that that's normal for her age.) "How will the event end?" you may be asking yourselves. It might end with me doing a comedic prat fall over the living room couch. Followed by the laughter and applause of a live studio audience and then a closing title sequence. ( I admit, I probably watched a bit too much television when I was 5 years old) Look forward to seeing you. If your interested in coming please contact me at I will fill you in on the details; date, time, location, etc. to anyone interested if you email me. Look forward to hearing from you.

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